The Pre-pesach program

A 2-week online group coaching program where you will learn the skills to feel healthy inside and out this Pesach and beyond without changing anything you eat!
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Could it really be possible to actually feel light, energized and stress free on Pesach???


The answer is YES!


Discover how to feel healthy inside and out all through Pesach and beyond with my new, unique online group coaching program!


Lets face it, Pesach is one of the MOST stressful holidays we have on the Jewish calendar and it can take a toll on ourselves and our families, emotionally and physically.


We have to clean our entire house, cook and eat dozens of meals while trying not to gain too much weight, find ways to entertain our kids, spend lots of time with the family, and pack for and travel...all while trying to stay calm and enjoy the holiday!


(I don't know about you, but I'm stressed out just writing this out!)

But what if it was possible for you to actually ENJOY Pesach and feel lighter, more energized, in control, calmer and happier?


It IS possible!- and that’s what my new program is all about!


The Pre-Pessach Program is a 2-week long online group coaching program that starts right after Purim. This unique program is designed to make you feel your healthiest inside and out WITHOUT changing anything you eat!


This program will be perfect for you whether you’re making Pesach yourself or spending it with family, whether you’re staying in town or traveling, or whether you’re a parent, single or married.


I’ve taken materials directly from my 90-Day Total Transformation Coaching Program to teach you how to have these results RIGHT NOW by changing HOW you eat and how to manage and reduce stress.

So what’s included in this program?


  • 2 weeks of prerecorded video sessions taken directly from Aliza’s one-on-one 90-day Total Transformation Program so you can watch or listen on your own time!

  • A LIVE Q&A Session with Aliza at the end of the program to address other questions or topics

  • Lots of handouts and worksheets to follow along with the sessions

  • Practical exercises and techniques you can start applying in your life RIGHT NOW to start up-leveling your health inside and out

  • Access to Aliza via email including a live online Q & A session at the end of the program via Zoom.

  • Access to our WhatsApp Pesach Support Group

  • BONUS: some of my favorite healthy recipes that are Pesach friendly and can be enjoyed all year round!


Who would benefit from The Pre-Pesach Program?

Anyone who is dreading aspects of Pesach, like..

  • the stress of cleaning or spending so much time with challenging family members

  • having to eat so many meals while trying to “be good” and not gain too much weight or feel gross

  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time while trying to actually enjoy the holiday and entertain the kids while they’re off of school

Who would not benefit from this program?

  • People who already have excellent self care habits in place and have lots of energy

  • People who are looking for a meal plan and a new diet to try over Pesach

  • People who don’t get stressed out, don’t tend to overeat and don’t find Yom Tov to be a struggle for them

  • People who don’t celebrate Pesach ;)

What will you gain from this program?

  • You will be more mindful about your eating habits and know HOW to eat in a healthy way so you can feel lighter and energized even when you don’t have control over WHAT you eat.

  • You’ll feel lighter and more energized this Pesach instead of stuffed and bloated.

  • You’ll feel better prepared to embrace and manage the Yom Tov stress of family, cleaning, cooking, traveling etc.

  • You will come out with the tools to feel healthy inside and out this Pesach, and beyond!


Here’s a couple of “juicy nuggets of info” that I’d like to share with you that you may not know about!

Did you know that..

  • stress physically effects your body, like slowing down your digestion and metabolism?

  • It takes at least 20 minutes for your body's appetite mechanism to shut off and  to register that it’s full and has had enough to eat?

  • When we overeat, our body doesn’t digest and metabolize food the same as when we first started eating?

  • Stress and overwhelm is just a habit and can be changed with the right tools and techniques?


I know and have been told that I am basically giving away this program for just $35 because I know that Pesach is an expensive holiday.

I really wanted to give back to my community and let everyone experience a taste of coaching by exposing you to TCM (Transformational Coaching Method) and giving over some concrete ways to help you have an amazing Pesach this year.


I also want to give you a little insight as to why I decided on the price of $35 specifically...


Being a Wig Stylist, $35 is what I charge for a Wash & Set, and being in this industry for almost 5 years, I know that Pesach is one of my busiest times of year where every woman is running to have their wigs done in time for the holiday! It's a no-brainer. I believe that the value of this program is way beyond the price of a Wash & Set!


Wouldn’t you agree that being your healthiest self this Pesach is if not worth at least equal, but higher value than that?


What better way to treat yourself this Yom Tov than with a program like this that will not only directly benefit you, but your whole family as well!


If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, than click the "Sign up now!" button at the top of this page to enroll and pay only $35 to join this amazing, unique program. This will take you to my PayPal link where you can send the payment of $35 directly to me.


Please be sure to write a note on your PayPal payment with your full name and email address before submitting your payment.

Also, if you refer a friend you will get $5 off when they sign up for the program! How cool is that?!


Within 24 hours after your payment is submitted, you will receive a "Welcome Email" with more info as well as the Program Schedule, handouts and more!

This program will be sent to you all through email, which means you do not need social media to be apart of it! 

The Pre-Pesach Program will begin after Purim, Sunday, March 31st with the first video session, and I can't wait to see you there!!!

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