My Story

If you had asked me five years ago if I ever thought I would become a health coach, I would have laughed at you! I was the LAST person on the planet to emulate health, let alone coach other people on it!


So how did I end up as a health coach?

Like many of you reading this, I am a busy person. I'm a wife, a mother of three daughters (born in three years!) and a business owner. I was burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed to the max, I didn't know how to tell people "no", and I didn't take care of myself. I used to skip meals, eat quick convenient garbage like Coke, Resse’s Puffs and pastries, while drinking zero water and living off of iced coffees instead. In addition, the word "self care" or “me-time” didn’t exist anywhere in my dictionary. I only knew how to operate on one setting: stressed out and overwhelmed while chugging through life because I had to and didn't have a choice...or so I thought.


What changed?


I came to the realization that I DID have a choice, and that life is all about choices. I could choose depleted and stressed out, or I could choose to get my health and life under control, and stop living as a victim of my life circumstances.


Given that you're reading a health coach's website, you can imagine which choice I made.


Being almost 40 lb overweight, I lost the weight by following one of these popular, quick-fix weight loss programs. The weight quickly came off but after spending hundreds of dollars and depriving myself for months, I was stuck figuring out on my own how I was supposed to maintain this weight loss myself.  I knew that counting calories or living off of protein bars couldn’t be the answer and I therefor started searching. I was quickly introduced to the concept of holistic health. While I used to roll my eyes at this “hippy-dippy” way of life, I was open minded enough (and desperate enough!) to explore it and found that many of its concepts were actually valuable and applicable to my life. Not only have I learned how to live a more balanced life, I have also learned how to maintain my weight in a natural and healthy way with no counting or measuring involved.


Since completing my Health Coach Certification, I have had the privilege to coach and change the lives of many women around the world. I've taught them how to take care of their body, how to reach their health goals (such as losing weight, gaining energy or just feeling better), and how to take better care of themselves by making themselves a priority.  

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone at any level. 


Health is a mindset. Yes, that may include healthy eating, exercising, managing stress, or getting enough sleep- but above all it means making the decision and taking the steps to make yourself a priority. Without this step, healthy eating or joining a gym will only get you so far because excuses will get in the way.


A healthy lifestyle begins with the decision to choose YOU, because when you choose to make YOURSELF a priority of your life, you and everyone around you will benefit.