health Coaching

What exactly is a Health Coach?


As a health coach, I take a holistic approach to health. I believe that in order to change and improve your health, knowing what foods are right or wrong to eat alone is not always enough to make a real change.


When I work with a client to reach their health goals, WHAT they eat is only a small part of the picture. In addition to providing basic nutritional knowledge, my role as a health coach is primarily to help a person make habit changes- since habits are what shape and structure a person’s life. I help women transform many areas of their life- I help them learn how to manage their stress, work on healing their emotional relationship with food, as well as adjust HOW they eat,  including bringing awareness to their level of hunger and fullness when eating to name a few examples. I work with clients on any level and meet them where they’re at in their health so they can make small, consistent changes that are realistic for their life. “Small hinges swing big doors”- It’s the slow, steady changes that make the biggest impact on a person’s health.


I've seen women double their energy and decrease snacking and sugar cravings by making small changes, such as drinking more water or adding more protein into their diet. I’ve also heard women say things like, “Food doesn’t scare me anymore- I don’t feel controlled by it” or “I look at myself as more than just a number on a scale.” The biggest compliment I get is when a client tells me that she not only feels amazing, but how natural these new changes feel.

To all my new (and old) followers, WELCO